The Segal Institute offers a full array of appellate services, from assistance with selection of issues on appeal to review of briefs to oral argument preparation.

Moot Courts

An initial feature service of the Segal Institute is conducting moot courts to simulate the appellate argument. This provides the attorney with the opportunity to practice the oral argument before a carefully-selected, experienced, and objective moot court panel, and to receive the panel’s feedback and advice in a post-argument debriefing session.

The Segal Institute enables the lawyer who utilizes the Institute’s services to be as prepared as possible for his or her oral argument, whether it is the lawyer’s first or fiftieth time appearing before an appellate court.

Educational Programs

The Segal Institute will host a variety of academic programs on topics relevant to appellate advocacy, intended to create a discourse in the legal and business communities, to raise the bar of appellate advocacy, and to provide practical information to appellate practitioners.


In May of 2007, the Segal Institute hosted an event at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, focusing on the issue of judicial independence; specifically, on campaign contributions to appellate judges’ campaigns. The event included both a mock appellate argument and a panel discussion on the topic.

Consultation on Briefs

The Segal Institute provides consultation on appellate briefs prior to their submission to the appellate court. Segal Institute consultants bring an experienced and fresh perspective to the brief writing process, reviewing the briefs for clarity and persuasiveness from an objective and neutral viewpoint. Comprised of former appellate judges, law school professors, and experienced appellate practitioners, Segal Institute consultants are in a unique position to view the case through the eyes of the appellate court and so to provide invaluable recommendations on approach and theme.